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Lawn Treatment

Spring Lawn Treatment
Summer Lawn Treatment
Fall Lawn Treatment
Winter Lawn Treatment
Mowing and Edging
Spring or Fall Cleanup
Insect Control
Early Spring Lawn Treatment
Early Summer Lawn Treatment
Grub Control
Fungicide Application

Shrub Treatment

Spring Fertilization
Insect Control
Second Insect Control
Pre/post-emerge Weed Control
Shrub Antitranspirant
Shrub Root Feed
Fall Fertilizer
Horticultural Oil Shrub Spray

Other Services

Seeding/Slit Seeding
Tick and Flea Control
Snow Removal
Deer and Rabbit Repellent
Commercial Snow Removal

By submitting this form I authorize Stone Ridge Landscaping LLC to service my lawn/ property. They are to continue servicing my lawn/ property without further notification or authorization. I agree to remove any and all pesticide notification signs that will be posted on my property no sooner than 24 hours following the application and no later than 72 hours following the application. I understand that I may terminate this agreement by paying for the last work done and notifying Stone Ridge Landscaping LLC in writing that I do not wish to continue service. Stone Ridge Landscaping LLC reserves the right to discontinue work on the clients property at any time for failure to pay.  Terms net 15 days. 2% after 30.  There is a $35 fee for all returned checks.and the Client is responsible for any and all additional fees incurred collecting unpaid balances.